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Virat Vilas Pawar is a Sci-fi Superhero Novelist, filmmaker, director, comic book publisher media & legal consultant. Renowned for his captivating mini-comic series in collaboration with Hindustan Times Brunch, as well as his groundbreaking Indian Sci-Fi Novels titled "Heroes of Wars: Men from Future" and "Vidyadhara and the Universe of Magic," Virat has carved a niche for himself in the realm of imaginative storytelling. Driven by a profound vision to introduce Indian Superheroes to the world, Virat Vilas Pawar established VirArt Studios, giving life to the captivating live-action anthology, "Bharatiya Superheroes: The Origins." His creative endeavors have garnered attention from various news media outlets, highlighting his significant contributions to the art and entertainment industry. As a media consultant, Virat has leveraged his expertise to serve over 100 clients in Digital Marketing, branding, designing, and social media. Furthermore, his passion for nurturing young talents is evident through his workshops conducted in colleges, aimed at inspiring and fostering a love for creativity among aspiring artists and storytellers. Beyond his artistic pursuits, Virat brings a wealth of experience as a legal consultant, having represented esteemed government bodies such as MSRDC, PWD, and SRA, among others. Through his diverse talents and unwavering dedication, Virat continues to push boundaries and inspire audiences worldwide.

Media Features


Inspired by the greatest epic the world has ever
known comes the dystopian sci-fi thriller
"Heroes of War".

Where a God from the past travels to the future,
to ask for a favor from its own final incarnation.
Summoning 5 Super Warriors from the future, to
win a war that could forever change the course
of history. A War against 100 Princes; A War
against Adharma.

It is the beginning of a war; anachronistic
technology against the primitive. Primitive
beings who know more than fighting with just weapons.


Welcome to the world of Vidhyadhar & The Universe of Magic. A story about epic and dramatic battle scenes, grand entrances, formidable magical beings, powerful weapons, divine artifacts, fierce and vigorous men and women with magic fighting negative forces, all in a spellbinding universe where magic far beyond human comprehension exists. A dynamic tale set in 21st Century India, where magical beings like Deities, Vetals, Werewolves, Witches, Yakshas, Naagmanavs, and many other negative elements live amongst humans. A world where centuries of animosity has persisted between the various magical species, that also involves humans. A story about an accomplished Vidhyadhar gone rogue, Nedarraj, well-versed in both light and dark magic, who wants to rule over the world to maintain better order and assert his dominance, and would stoop to any extent to fulfill his vision. But our protagonist Trilokvijay, another Vidhyadhar, aims to put an end to this by doing whatever it takes to stop this from happening to keep the world safe. The fate of the world depends on the two Vidhyadhars, along with their powerful allies-- human and magical. Let us dive deep into this fascinating world of magic inspired by Indian mythology. An exciting fantasy universe of magic, mages, and magical creatures awaits you.


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